Dr. Pradyumna R is is a shoulder pain treatment specialist based in BTM Layout, Bangalore, focuses on diagnosis and treatment of shoulder injuries with both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Dr. Pradyumna specializes in different types of orthopaedic shoulder treatments and procedures, sports medicine, minimally invasive orthopaedic shoulder surgery, shoulder arthroscopy, shoulder joint replacement, partial shoulder replacement, and reverse shoulder replacement. Dr. Pradyumna R offers compassionate treatment and solution for shoulder injuries, joint disorder, fracture, trauma, osteoarthritis of shoulder and arthritis of shoulder and other sports related injuries to all age group of patients.

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Different Types of Surgery for Shoulder Pain
Understanding Shoulder Joint
The shoulder is made up of two joints: the acromioclavicular joint, which connects the clavicle (collar bone) with the scapula (shoulder blade), and the more movable glenohumeral joint, which connects the arm bone (humerus) with the shoulder blade. The joint is stabilized by four muscles: three rotator cuff muscles, and one long muscle that crosses the shoulder called the trapezius. The tendons of these muscles attach to different parts of the humerus (arm bone), forming a thick capsule around it, and keep it in place within the shoulder joint. Tendons are what connect muscle to bone, enabling movement.

The shoulder joint capsule surrounds the shoulder joint. It is a fluid filled sac that lubricates the joint. It is made up of ligaments. Ligaments are soft tissue that holds bone to bone.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a shoulder condition and need treatment, there is likely to be a number of surgical procedures that may be required. Understanding these before surgery will help alleviate stress, confusion and it could even reduce costs
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