Patient Testimonials

Dr Pradyumna R is very professional and helpful. He will listen to your problem patiently and check properly then he will suggest the treatment. I am feeling lucky to visit his clinic for my back pain treatment.
Gyan P Mishra
Clinic is very clean and well maintained.All I can say is, he is an experienced doctor. I went there with a lower back pain and stiff back. He was very calm and heard my problem very patiently. Then in a very detailed manner, he gave me a pictorial explanation of the issue and suggested remedy. I would recommend Dr. Pradyumna to any person suffering from any kind of orthopedic pain. Sports person suffering from any injuries must visit him for advice.
Ruhshyashrunga Rishi
My grandfather had knee pain from many years and was unable to walk much. One of my family friends referred Dr Pradyumna and he suggested Knee Replacement for my grandfather. We were worried since he is old. But surgery was successful and my grandfather has recovered fully. Thanks doctor. You are definitely the best orthopedic doctor i have met. We are grateful.
Kapil Pal
"I had shoulder dislocation while playing and my friend referred me and took me to Dr. Pradyumna, The way he handled the case and explained everything so well was really awesome. He fixed the dis-location gently and I barely had any pain. His level of patience in explaining things is commendable, I do not think any other doc would have given so much time to the patient. I had to later call him to get some clarifications on medicine and other doubts and he was very kind enough to help me over the phone too".
Rahul Torvi Rishi
"Very good Orthopedic hospital; I had visited dr pradyumna with a broken collar bone.. had to undergo a surgery; I thank doctor for all the efforts he took and did a wonderful job .. today am alright and back to normal ..with dr guidance and advice post surgery & thank you very much doctor".
Hitesh Bhansali