Elbow Tendon and Ligament Repair

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The elbow is a complex joint of the upper limb formed by the articulation of the long bone of the upper arm or humerus and the two bones of the forearm, namely, radius and ulna. The medial epicondyle of humerus articulates with a rounded facet on the ulna, which is called as olecranon process. It also has a number of different ligaments to support the joint, including the medial and lateral collateral ligaments.

Flexor and extensor tendons, along with the ulnar collateral, radial collateral and annular ligament in the elbow all serve to stabilize the elbow joint. The common flexor and extensor tendons provide strength to the elbow as well.

If you have a difficult time bending or straightening your elbow, elbow pain, inflammation and bruising around the joint, or experience a popping sound when bending and straightening it, you may be an ideal candidate.
When diagnosing damage to the elbow ligaments, our musculoskeletal radiologists utilize advanced X-rays, MRIs and CT scans to determine the extent of the trauma. These tests are then sent on to your orthopaedic specialist for analysis and further evaluation.
Tendon repair

In elbow ligament reconstruction, the torn ligament has to be either repaired (debridement) or released (in the surgeon’s opinion).

Tendon debridement

In this procedure the surgeon removes any damaged tissue from the tendon and cleans the tendon. It is often used in surgeries to treat tendinitis.

Tendon release

In this procedure the surgeon locates the attachment of the extensor or flexor tendon on the elbow and splits the damaged tendon as well as removes the scar tissue or other overgrowth.

Ligament reconstruction

As part of the treatment plan for a ligament reconstruction, your surgeon will excise a donor tendon from either the forearm or below the knee. The graft is drilled into the upper arm and forearm bones and anchored using special sutures. The surgery can be performed arthroscopically or open depending on the extent of damage and your surgeon’s preference.

You will be prescribed with a splint to support the elbow for several weeks after the surgery. You will need regular follow-ups, along with vocational rehabilitation, to ensure a faster recovery.

The success of Elbow Tendon and Ligament Repair surgery depends on the post-operative rehabilitation program. This includes the use of a removable splint immediately after surgery, as well as ice therapy, electrical stimulation, and massage. Isometric exercises, strengthening, and range of motion exercises are also useful for long-term rehabilitation.

Follow your surgeon’s post-operative care recommendations for the best possible recovery and results.

As with all surgery, there are risks and complications associated with elbow ligament and tendon repair or reconstruction. The most common complications of elbow ligament repair include infection, injury to the adjacent nerves or blood vessels, and a loss of strength or flexibility of the elbow joint.
Following elbow surgery, patients require a multidisciplinary rehabilitation program that includes the use of a splint, ice therapy, electrical stimulation and massage for reducing pain and swelling. Exercises for restoring strength and range of motion are also important for complete recovery.

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